Eco-Island ferry

Danish-Swedish project in collaboration with MARKIS
Light weight ferry in CFRP composite

Design and documentation

1.  Outline specification (pdf)
2.  General arrangement (pdf)
3.  Life saving arrangement (pdf)
4.  Structural fire protection (pdf)
5.  Hull laminate and core (pdf)
6.  Preliminary study of the Eco-Island-Ferry
7.  Stability, intact- & damaged conditions (pdf)
8.  SOLAS chapter II-2 (part F) Regulation 17 (pdf)
9.  Life Cycle Cost (LCC) (pdf)
10.  Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (pdf)
11.  3D model (pdf)
12.  Regulation 17, alternative design, Engineering analysis report – Eco-Island ferry (pdf)


1.  3 possibilities (pdf)